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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smartphone with Geolocation GPS/IP‏

Years ago, the smartphone “boom” was still an uncertain possibility. Today, we are surrounded by a society of smart phone addicts who live as if their lives cannot continue without instant, mobile access to the web, e-mail, and apps for every occasion. Mobile devices have come a long way in just short years, and now support a wide range of useful features beyond making phone calls. For location-challenged individuals, geolocation is one of the most useful additions. Many iPhone and Android devices have been fitted with GPS hardware that can produce reliable geographical data, and in this article we will discuss the Wonderful geolocation capabilities of HTML5. My aim is to help you understand geolocation technology:

  • Browser geolocation and how it works
  • How Asynchronous function calls work
  • What’s in geolocation data
  • How to fall back on IP address based geolocation
  • How to display a map using geolocation data

To detect the location of a client device in the past, one would typically have to inspect the client IP address and make a reasonable guess as to the where that device was located. However, as part of the HTML5 efforts, the W3C has developed a set of APIs to effectively allow the client-side device (i.e. your iPhone 3G+, Android 2.0+ phones, or even your conventinal desktop browsers) to retrieve geographic positioning information with JavaScript. When we look at the web browsers landscape, the native support for geolocation is beginning to find its way into mainstream applications at a slow and steady pace.

One substantial application that uses geolocation is Google Maps. As I’m writting this article, the geolocation support is fully available in only a few browsers (see below), but it looks like most modern browsers are adopting this useful functionality:

  • Firefox 3.5+: Yes
  • Chrome 5 beta: Yes
  • iPhone Safari: Yes
  • Opera 10.5 dev build: Yes
  • Safari: No
  • Internet Explorer: No

If we inspect what we received from the geolocation Webservice, we’ll see the coords and timestamp fields. The timestamp field simply denotes the time at which the instance of geolocation data was created. The coords attribute contains a set of geographic coordinates together with their associated accuracy, as well as a set of other optional attributes such as altitude and speed.

You may only access some of these fields if the target device actually supports them according to the above description, but it’s still important to know they are there. The accuracy attribute in particular may be useful to locate the mobile user or simply any client who has a GPS enable device.

So now the obvious question is what about those browsers that don’t support geolocation at all? The answer is that we must use an external geolocation service. These services do their best to map the IP address of a device to geographic locations using large geolocation databases. Usually they do a good job, but at times they may suffer from the following issues:

  • IP addresses may be associated with the wrong location (e.g., the wrong postal code, city or suburb within a metropolitan area).
  • Addresses may be associated only with a very broad geographic area (e.g., a large city, or a state). Many addresses are associated only with a city, not with a street address or latitude/longitude location.
  • Some addresses will not appear in the database and therefore cannot be mapped (often true for IP numbers not commonly used on the Internet).

The important thing to remember is that when an external geolocation service is used, the accuracy is not as good as geolocation native to the device, and in some scenarios it may be completely off. Additionally, such services do not provide any information regarding the altitude, speed or heading of the device. Regardless, when GPS or triangulation are not available, they are a good fallback.

So far we have been able to retrieve the latitude and longitude coordinates of the device but when one is lost in the middle of a big city, latitude and longitude coordinates alone aren’t going to be all that helpful. We must convert these coordinates into some form that relates to users more naturally, like a map..

ThinkTech: Privacy is gone, if you really want to hide yourself remove your battery in any of your devise because if your Devise is not native geolocation GPS or not connected to Operator, there still other methods to catch and locate wherever you can hide for some reasons, vacation, focus etc..and for those who think switch off the mobile solve the case….SORRY because active components (Backdoor) could be use to launch some background service while your mobile is totally OFF and we will reveal to you SOON..

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