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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Teacher: iPAD’s Not Convenient to our School

Last night we got this email from a teacher friend with his take on Apple’s new education initiative with iBooks 2 and iPad textbooks.This teacher works at a private K-12 school. Most families who send their kids there are pretty well off.This teacher is also responsible for recommending technology purchases for the school. His take on Apple’s iPad textbooks? They’re not good enough yet.

He points out that if a school is going to make a big technology purchase, it’s just as important that students are able to create content (write papers, etc.) as consume it (textbooks). He also says e-textbooks are already available on PCs and they’re just as good, if not better, than what Apple showed off yesterday.

For now, he decided not to recommend iPads for his school. They’re going with cheap laptops instead.

Here’s the email if you want to get the full argument:

Just read your review of the textbook. Essentially, the way that Apple is going to make this work is when developers and book publishers look to offer something truly unique at a highly (not consumer “highly,” but education “highly,” which is much lower) price point. I know that what you saw today was pretty cool in comparison to what you are accustomed to seeing or what you expected to see, but we have been looking at e-textbooks this year that offer as much (perhaps more).

Here is the value proposition for my school’s parents: Right now, each student (their parents) buys an average of 6 books a year at $100-$200 each. The e-textbooks that we are looking at are approximately $50 each. Therefore, a parent saves anywhere from $50-$150 per book ($300-$900 total). Right now, we are asking them to buy a simple laptop at about $500-700 in order to be able to get the e-textbooks, have them available in school, and have a device that not only accesses the content, but allows them the opportunity to write an essay. If a parent makes that investment in their kid’s freshman year they have pretty much paid for it in that year and the remaining three years are free. That is a good deal!

Apple’s problem is that the iPad is a fantastic “content accessing” device (except they can’t access the many educational Flash sites still out there today), but kids need to generate content in order to be assessed (write a paper, produce a video, etc.) Right now, they can do that on an iPad, but it is not easy at all.

Frankly, I voted no to rolling out iPads to middle school and high school students. I would rather them have a laptop…for now. Let’s talk again in two years and my tone might change.

Actually, if I had my choice I would like for them to have an Ultrabook, but they are way too expensive today.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/teacher-were-not-going-to-buy-a-bunch-of-ipads-at-my-school-2012-1

3 Responses to “Teacher: iPAD’s Not Convenient to our School”
  1. Making a move in a new direction into the world of technology is excellent but knowing what you want for the betterment of the child is most essential.There are so many new products in the market today ,choosing wise and well keeping in mind all the criteria of the Parent ,the Child and the School is very supportive.

    • Salim says:

      Exactly meant to enhance existing conditions, but if we stack on our old way of delivering knowledge because it doesn’t add more value, am seeing it not fair because we should look at the direction of today young generation, not only on the educational system, material or resources.

    • Salim says:

      Truly yes but I cannot drive the thinking of mankind improvement without putting better changing the way we do things. the actual mean of technology reflects on how innovation affect existing experience. People always think technology meant to be information technology. what will be the artificial intelligence, object and object dialog, like what about the decision of having a home camera that inform the lightening system bcz no body in the house, and whenever an intruder approach, the alarm does more more by calling the police instead of noise… lot of life experience on normal life, which education is just part, are going to say, our paper book’s fine? till when?

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