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Mohamed Salim ALIPioneer and Founder of Seleani Comoros Brand. I was born in Seleani Hamahamet, North East of Grand Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean. After having my primary school education at Seleani and Bouni, I went for my secondary school education at College of Mbeni where my passion for science started. I engrossed myself in various projects with Information and Technology, in September 1993, Betlem radio was inaugurated. This was my first invention and it was the first private radio station in Hamahamet region. In 1997 I became a scientist certified in mathematics, physics and general science fields.

During 1997 and 1999, I became a certified government teacher in Comoros. This was my first inspiration in educational Excellency that today some of my students in Bouni and Seleani are in post Graduate universities around the world. In 2002, I graduated with Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology in Sahel University (www.unis.sn ) Dakar in Senegal. During my Master M1 studies, I started working in Icon.Com center, where technology and computer experience was improved till in Dec 2003, I achieved my public presentation of my Master M1 research which I have been awarded Excellent Research in Security of Computing Systems in the same Sahel University.

In 2004 I traveled to Kuwait and joined as a trainee to become a consultant in Real Estate Business where my computing experience interacted with real life business data till April 2005, I joined ISYS (www.isys.mobi ) as a System Administrator specialized in Security data and connections. 6 months later, I have been promoted as Chief Technology Officer to manage IT resources in the IT department. 2 years later, I became the Chief Operations Officer of ISYS till January 2010 to be promoted as Chief Marketing Officer till date. During these years I have submitted a professional research to AUF (Francophone Universities Agency – www.auf.org ) for the continuation of my Business studies that today I have successfully completed my double Master M2 (UPJV – Université de Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens – France) – www.u-picardie.fr) in Business engineering fields.

In the midst of been so busy, I also went on to lecturing at Arab Open University (www.aou.edu.kw) as IT lecturer since September 2005 and also into PAAET (Public Authority for Applied Education and Training – www.paaet.edu.kw) for the Kuwait authority. My passion was to build up my own web site, provide my solutions to institutions, individuals, governments and voluntary organization. Today Seleani Comoros (www.seleani.com ) has achieved well successful stories such as Voltaire Institute in Kuwait, where Seleani deployed a full package solutions, from platform concept, web site (www.institutvoltaire-kw.com), to internal system that automate their daily routine into an intelligent educational system.

  • To say that our journey just begins………

We have been inspired by great people in history, we share ideas and opinions with national thinkers such as Izdine Abdou Salam in Radio Kartala which is among the reasons others still getting into the journey with the different groups that we are still moving forward with their present and future leaders, Boina Ali, Mounir Issa… in continuous leadership with Baracani, Ranza, Ngodja, Radio Betlem…etc..

Boina Ali Abdallah – Born in Seleani Hamahamet, north-east of Grande Comoros, I am one of the driving forces of Radio Betlem but also many associations inside Seleani Hamahamet. I did my primary school in Seleani Hamahamet until 1995 that I got into secondary school at the College Moroni-Moroni Mboueni until 2000, I got my first secondary school certificate (PEBC). My journey to high school in Moroni Said Mohamed Tcheikh where in 2003, I passed successfully my High School science certificate (Series D).

Inspired by science astronomy, electricity and with the help of my grand examples such as Izdine Abdoussalam and Mohamed Salim Ali, in 2004, I went to the electricity for electrical installations and other buildings in the guide my teacher Mr. Oubacar Cheha, reputable electrician Seleani Hamahamet.  Among other things during that period (2003 – 2005), I focused in monitoring the airing running of Radio Betlem activities which was re-created in 2004, the Mojahedin-EL SHABAB association for religious ceremonies in which I played the role of editor of singing (choral) but I was also the flutist of the association. I continued with the collaboration of brothers, sisters, grandparents and grandchildren of Baracane Seleani, monitoring methods for control and smooth operations for the Baracane zone.

In 2006 I continue my academic career at the University of the Sahel in ECONOMICS & MANAGEMENT; I graduated in 2008 with my Bachelor in Economics and Management, University of the Sahel.  In September 2010, I publicly presented my MASTER M2 in FINANCE and ACCOUNTING, but also in AUDIT at AFI University of Business, Dakar in Senegal under the thesis of: Bank financing of Small Business Enterprises: The case of ISYS, work made more easy by my grand brother Mohamed Salim Ali, Chief Marketing Officer in ISYS.My ambitions are to contribute to the well-being of the world community especially my family but also to the development of social life. The path is so long and we must be brave if we want to achieve goals because as stated KENEDY, do not ask what your country can do for you but rather ask yourself what you, you can do for your country…

Leena Caroline Stanislaus – Born in the Garden city of India-Bangalore I did my schooling at the well-known St.Charles High School. We had a lovely school library and it was there that I was introduced to the world of reading

After my high school I went on to do my Pre-university at St. Anne’s College .and my Graduation and post graduation (Master in English)at the prestigious Madras University.  My Bachelors in Education was achieved at the well-known Indira Gandhi University-Delhi. Apart from this I did my Certificate of Teaching Methodology at Chennai.

My first teaching experience was with the tiny toddlers at Canossa Convent for a year and a half. From there I went into main stream teaching and spent ten glorious years at the most wanted school of Chennai-St. Michaels Academy. Looking back I feel that was more a home to me than school. I bet every teacher and student feels nostalgic about St. Michaels. Every single day was better spent than the day before .The stay at this school was a terrific learning experience under well guided Principals. A big salute to St. Michaels, as the saying goes all good things have an end I left for greener pastures.

Teaching was and is my passion; I joined Kids Central which focuses a whole lot on all round development of the child as an individual. This school was entirely different from the one I had been to previously .Here I learnt to teach through activity method. Whatever it was that we teach and whatever the age group of the child we had to teach through activity method for the proper understanding of the child. Ms. Valli Subbiah the founder of this school has brought forth a whole lot of self independent kids who love to think for themselves. Each school trip was informative and educative. Every term Ms.Valli would bring in some specialist for a course for teachers to improve and understand better our role as teachers and how to deal with students more effectively.

From here I flew across seas and landed in the State of Kuwait.  I am working at Martyr Asrar al Qabandi Bilingual school. Teaching at the international level is great fun. I enjoy working with my kids, I love them and they too reciprocate the same feeling. It was here that I happened to do write ups for Seleani Comoros with none other than the Founder himself. He brought out the writer in me and I have but added to this network in a small way and wish it very god luck for future endeavors.

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