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Our study with the ADCS in France

With a success rate recorded in 2009/2010 of 80% with 85% of the competition in 6th, and 70% of the BEPC, it is very encouraging that establishing a system of excellency in Seleani education, and to develop a recovery plan in the fields of modern technology, entertainment, communication and learning. The centralization of its local education system, will echo and balance all children to other urban areas. Such solutions will prevent the current mobility of parents to urban cities, staying at home with a guarantee of a good education for all generations.

Descriptive objectives:

The goals we have recorded are a necessity in our study with historical Seleani incentives motivating young people in recent years. Although other objectives can be added or even necessary, but will turn around a technological dependence that we have to prioritize time, financial and manpower.

Technological Objectives

It is of paramount importance to establish a registration database of all activities of Seleani, even went to the region Hamahamet and Ngazidja in general. A central server will be set up to record once and for all individuals and should be updated in every death, newborn or change data in each citizen.

Other members of the local domain servers will be available in each area set up in the center. This will facilitate later monitoring all activities of the people to predict future technology needs, as more activities are well organized, better to be this central database.

It will have different records for each membership living in the center, but his identity card number of Comoros will be unique for each person, or even keep a unique identifier for each individual. Educational data, health, sports, training will be centralized to form a general profile of individuals. This is very important not only for statistical reasons but mainly to establish a historical record and archive of city residents Seleani.

A technical team will be established to maintain cohesion and coordinate the technical functioning of the center tools, computers, medical tools, sports equipment, audio / visual tools, ceremonial halls, electrical installation, network installation, access rights resources etc … a dedicated training and will be an obligation to ensure that the technical team has the skills necessary to maintain the facility in a good working order.

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