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investment in Comoros Seleani 7
investment in Comoros Seleani 7

By cooperation of the Kuwaiti Chamber authority and Comoros Chamber of Commerce with Comoros President Abdullah Sambi, it has had the honor of a forum for of 2 days from 12-13 January 2010 for the investment opportunity to Comoros with more than 12 different investment projects.

You can see a close view here for more of this review,  or send us an email an email , you can receive the full presentation and a case study “Case Study” at the moment, videos and archives of this event are available from our youtube channel of the ceremony attended by President Sambi with the two chambers of commerce.

The event was not only unique because in the same principle, another forum was held in Qatar one of the most investor of development of the Union of Comoros. The president of Qatar has even contributed along with other countries such as Kuwait, on an impulse stimulus educational, economic development and progress of the Comoros Islands

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