Earth has two moons: Scientists

A new study by Cornell University researchers suggests Earth always has a temporary second moon in the form of asteroids rotating our planet. if Scientists say there is always a space rock that orbits earth in an ever-changing cast of “temporary moons.” it is the mean we have more to explore in deep solar system as same we do to the entire Universe

This new theory which says Earth’s gravity captures these tiny asteroids as they pass near the planet on their way around the sun.
When one of them is drawn in, it typically makes three irregularly shaped swings such as huge doughnuts around Earth for a while and then hurtles on its way.

Scientists claim that little attention has been paid to Earth’s natural satellites other than the moon, despite the fact that they are sure to exist.
“There are lots of asteroids in the solar system, so chances for the Earth to capture one at any time is, in a sense, not surprising,” said co-author and astronomer at the Paris Observatory in France Jeremie Vauballion.

The group says the temporary asteroids have orbited Earth for about a year starting in June 2006 when an object, labeled 2006 RH120, was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona and estimated to be between 3 and 6 meters wide.

“The 2006 RH120 was probably discovered because it was slightly larger than most of the other ‘temporary moons’ that later have come into our planetary system as most of them are only about 1 meter wide,” scientists say.

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