Facebook records everyone

Facebook did not care as those who do not use it
And never deletes anything, the network would be in total violation of European law.
We suspected, Facebook does not erase anything. What we did not know, however, is that the social network would also records on people who are not registered to the service.

This confirmation and revelation were both made by Max Schrems, a law student, who had the idea of ??applying Directive 95/46/EC of the European law that guarantees all European citizens access to the All data is concerned.

The thing was not as simple as reported by Libération, the form is very well hidden and Facebook does not of good will to grant the request.

After reminders, Schrems Max finally gets a CD-ROM with a PDF … 1222 pages.

And then, surprise.

Everything is there, and more. Friends, contacts denied, address (es) mail (s), invitations, responses to invitations (or lack of response), registration date and placed in contact between members, shared links, etc..

But that’s not all. As noted Liberation: “The messages are probably the most outrageous of the file. […] The “Delete” button serves only cosmetic “. Ditto for the messages on the walls or tags photos, which remains even deleted the Facebook servers.

But there is worse. Schrems Max notices that the file contains a heading machine. “Facebook places a file” cookie “on each computer that connects to the site. […] They have a complete list of computers that a person used to go on Facebook, “said he. And conversely, the network also has “a list of all persons who used the same computer to go to Facebook.” Which, repeated, is an indication of near-readable Facebook. Especially since the service connections are also all registered and geolocated.

But there are even worse.

Facebook would be the “shadow profiles”, profiles of non-registered. How? Using the invitations to events (which require to enter an email address if the guest is not registered), looking for friends automatically (scans then your Facebook email and keep all the information he finds to then aggregated and cross) or the synchronization of the mobile address book.

For Max Schrems, Facebook is in total violation of European law. He filed a total of 22 complaints (some of which also concern the automatic face recognition recently introduced to the service or the terms of use too often and too quietly changed).

Since then, Facebook seems to collapse under the applications folder.

The European subsidiary said today that it will not deal with lack of resources. An excuse which certainly some truth since according to Max Schrems “all Facebook users living outside the United States and Canada are bound by contract to Facebook Ireland.” But the excuse could lead to further complaints and to fuel suspicion.

Anyway, this new controversy surrounding the collection of social network data is especially large. In 48 hours, the article’s Liberation was shared more than 21,000 times. On Facebook, of course.


  1. Facebook, Facebook is a big disaster but there is some thing which we must not forget: it’s when you decide to get a profile on Facebook, it’s like if someone propose you to go fighting for him; and as we know, in fight we can kill or be killed.
    also about that we said on that article that some users denied, don’t send or reply any invitation, it’s true, it’s happened sometimes. some of your friends send to you invitation without to know it. as i said, it’s so chaotic…..

    1. Actually there are several reasons we target Facebook..Not because we are not on the crowd, but rather the fact that ignorant people are victim of what called the hidden right of free services inside Facebook Platform. Because same as we mentioned earlier the European researcher student who explain how sorry Facebook are recording everyone even those who are not responding invitation, is very against the online user right. Any user who ignore an invitation request may lead facebook to remind the request but not to record all the requests and time that been sent by everyone.

  2. but the big problem is, ignorant people don’t know for what they are victim and if you want to let them know, they don’t care for what you want to advice to them.
    they just use facebook as a place for amusement and they will never chage their behaviour because they do not listen to anyone…

    1. In this world there sometimes we need to not care if people do not care for what is good for them..Leaders should talk and say something that need to be told because whenever trouble will come, there no space of saying we have been told but rather everyone will perish even the leaders..The reason I admire ignorant, is because of instant pleasure they gain on ignoring reality, because not only complete ignorant i meant, it is all kind of careless people who i can prefer ignorant than them, coward who become worse than those who do not have any clue for what it is going on this world. People fade up and everyone is just caring for himself. BUT there always dedicated people, rare ones who always save this World…and it is Our Self and Own decision to be part of this Rare Ones if not to be temporary…..

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