Why Investment in Comoros?

The Union Of the Comoros is proud to attract International investors that series of Forums and Exhibitions have been held in several countries; Kuwait, Qatar..Explore…..But the pride came from a short chaos history that creates a strong conscious of Comoran Citizen can build their own future……Then stepule international investment as all other World nations do always..We looked at behind history we found a mistake summary that SWOT analysis creates a very good opportunity in the Comoros.


  1. SeleaniNews decided to explore the areas on its Unique of its kind in Whole World, by natural and virgin life, by its 130 years French colonization, by its corruption, by its Scientist researchers such as Dr. Omar Abdullah (Mwign Barak), Dr. Said Toihir, Sheikh Mufti etc.. We build a rsh complete archive for the past, because Today Investors and international organization believe that Comorans took their future on their hands and Welcome Investors Comoros? because Education is the development key of all history and here the debate place for this Journey of the Comoran citizen..

  2. During the lats decade of Comoros History, One of the big mistake is the aggressive independence in July 6- 2010…It was acceptable but the GREATEST mistake is Ali Soilih who brought Bob Denard 28 days after independence to take the Power, 2 years later, President Abdalla, use same Bob Denard to take the power back and within 12 years Comoros sinks under dictator years. other presidents follow the called Rehemani of President Med Taki, till the democratic chaos of Med Johar. Med Johar bring Comoros to the Arab League…
    Today Abdallah Sambi sounds to be more pragmatic on openness power,but still Comoros seek for a real diplomatics team, people who have Community and social initiative… institution are in place to welcome investors and many projects have been start to eradicate poverty and align Comoros in development track…

  3. All systems have been tested; from ignorants, religious, young and old presidential leaders in Comoros…Today when Young Scientist like me, I look back since 1975, I say Thank God that I realize these mistakes, because the real guilty is ourselves, no one came alone to harm Comoran and if today we agree with democratic institution to look forward and take our destiny in hands, the only thing remaining is to remember what happens; that everyone should understand that no single system can build the Comoros; it’s all about mix of System together for development mission toward..

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