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AlBawardi-Group. As consultant and Project manager for his long-term Real Estate System to a wide range of Audience; Owners, Customers and Dealers, from Kuwait to permanent positioning inside the Middle East. Our mission is to put short-term and long-term Business plan, logic and complete deployment of the solution into an scalable platform that provide multiple services on it..

Language became an old story that has already been exceeded by the functionality of Web 2.0 (the social and community web). As you can discover by yourself, the site has only French and English as official languages, but that each visitor has the possibility to choose other languages(Arabic, English, French, Swahili, Hindi, Philippine etc. ..) for an automatic Translation (Auto Translate to:) of his choice.

Thus we see that the Revolution’s innovative Web 2.0 changes are more now interested in the quality of the Media, its integration capabilities, connectivity, collaboration and cooperation between the type of multimedia data terminals. Reason what a new brand of Seleani Comoros 3Cs was born for Connection, Collaboration and Cooperation. Because according to current advances in Web 3.0 will integrate a set of interacting with any other equipment for an intelligent language of the Semantic Web


Case Study Number: Client 1
From this approach, Seleani Comoros has already drawn its history for its professionalism ability to propose solutions to institutions private and public. And as an example of the Voltaire institute in Kuwait that we have already implemented:

  • A complete overhaul of their website design and personalized website that allows today visitors to register for a session or examination before presenting themselves physically
  • The establishment of a total management system data from enrollment, payment, rights to Access Forms GUI system, integrating the system Intranet website for any updates in both directions.
  • Both above solutions have been possibly professional success by accurately setting up an internal domain controller server, pooling the resources with the rights and access privileges, in a well customized and secured according to standard rules of prevention system.

The institute can grow; resources can evolve, but the central core that Seleani has deployed, will be usable and adaptable for long-term, whatever the needs that the Institute will need, in time estimated to 15 years of activity and growth – Mohamed Salim ALI – Founder of the Seleani Comoros Brand.


Case Study Number: Client 2

The youth of the ADCS Seleani residents in France requested a study of professional development of a media center to Seleani. The study we have has conducted various parties, from data Statistics from UNICEF and authentic, a complete proposal a network connecting the different parts this center into a multiservice center and its kind:

  • Technologies and modern media
  • Training rooms and internet access
  • A clinic Health and Medical Care
  • Education Excellence
  • Awareness and Literacy
  • Sport Health and wellness
  • Gym and Healthy body
  • Aaudio-visual broadcasting

This life project will be implemented in phases because the benefits of such multi-service center will not be only for Seleani advantage, but also regional wise of Hamahamet toward the National Union of Comoros coverage… Mohamed Salim ALI – Founder of the Seleani Comoros Brand.

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